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newspaper clipping Mary Ahonen has been baking and decorating cakes since her grandmother encouraged her as a seven-year-old to try her hand at recreating cakes from Women's Weekly supplements.

Over the last five decades, Mary has combined a love and talent for cake artistry to produce affordable, quality works of edible art.

Mary has been in the industry professionally for 28 years, leaving her thriving Sydney business for a quieter life on the South Coast of NSW. Now the local people have now caught on to her well-kept secret and orders are flowing in thick and fast.

"The product is good, the service is excellent, the cakes are unique and the price is right," Mary said.

Mary made her first cakes for her grandmother, but news of her craft quickly spread to the rest of the family, then the neighbours. The rest, as they say, is history!

"I am totally self-taught and I've had no formal lessons," she explains, "I went to a TAFE class to study one night, and I left the very same night with an overflow of students to teach!"

In the 1970s, Mary got the unofficial title of the most affordable, quality decorater from associates in the industry. "I got the title in 1976 and I'm not letting go of it for anyone! I enjoy people, enjoy what I am doing, so rather than have high prices, I'd prefer lots of business. My attitude has always been that nothing is impossible, and to make myself available to customers. I love the happiness I bring to people, creating things that are unique."

Mary bakes more than fifteen varieties and flavours of cakes, including fruit, mud, butter and carrot. These varieties can be mixed and matched in any number of combinations and decorated in an infinite number of ways. Practically any decoration can be made by Mary's experienced hands - from flowers, leaves, shells and coral, right through to practically any sugar-moulded statue. Whether you like eagles or pigs, champagne or dolphins - the choices are limited only by your imagination.

Mary can bake and create a cake with flair, no matter how big the event - from a 700 person wedding cake to a one-person afternoon tea.